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Watch this video and more on New Focus Network

Loretta Herring

8m 17s

Up Next in Birmingham 2015

  • Cheryl S. Bourn

    A 10 year survivor of stage 3 ovarian cancer and breast cancer pre-vivor, Cheryl’s life experiences prepared her to be empathetic with those who have had family members with serious health issues before she herself had cancer. After joining the CanSurvive GYN Cancer Support Group, she has served ...

  • Scarlett Bradford

    Scarlett was diagnosed 4 years ago with breast cancer at the early age of 34. Using humor was her weapon of has embraced her journey like no other and tries to pay her wealth of blessings forward with daily acts of kindness and volunteer work at agencies including Community Grief Support Services...

  • Karen Fulton

    Karen is a 2-year survivor of breast cancer. Her experience with cancer led her to a whirlwind experience of returning to school for her BSN with a focus on Oncology. Her experience with cancer has helped her empathize with many of her patients since she too has walked a similar path. She lives i...