My 2nd Act Archive

My 2nd Act Archive

6 Seasons

The archive of the 2015-2016 "My 2nd Act" live performances.

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My 2nd Act Archive
  • Rashel Post

    Episode 1

    Rashel is a 10-year survivor of stage 2b breast cancer. Diagnosed with breast cancer in her twenties, this amazing lady has worked diligently for many years to allow her experiences to help others. Keeping with her passion, Rashel founded a non-pro t to assist cancer patients in 2005 and served a...

  • DeBorah Nehemiah

    Episode 2

    A native of Detroit, Michigan, DeBorah has graced the stage of Carnegie Hall and The Tonight Show, just to name a few. DeBorah spent her professional career as a technical trainer and aerospace and environmental engineer. Recently retired and currently residing in Florence. DeBorah serves as Asso...

  • Loretta Herring

    Episode 3

    Loretta is a passionate advocate for cancer. She founded Cancer Awareness Network for Children, Inc. a non-pro t 501© 3 organization that was birth out of the pain of her mother’s untimely transition to heaven due to cancer. She has served for the past 2 years as a Consumer Reviewer for Breast Ca...

  • Cheryl S. Bourn

    Episode 4

    A 10 year survivor of stage 3 ovarian cancer and breast cancer pre-vivor, Cheryl’s life experiences prepared her to be empathetic with those who have had family members with serious health issues before she herself had cancer. After joining the CanSurvive GYN Cancer Support Group, she has served ...

  • Scarlett Bradford

    Episode 5

    Scarlett was diagnosed 4 years ago with breast cancer at the early age of 34. Using humor was her weapon of has embraced her journey like no other and tries to pay her wealth of blessings forward with daily acts of kindness and volunteer work at agencies including Community Grief Support Services...

  • Karen Fulton

    Episode 6

    Karen is a 2-year survivor of breast cancer. Her experience with cancer led her to a whirlwind experience of returning to school for her BSN with a focus on Oncology. Her experience with cancer has helped her empathize with many of her patients since she too has walked a similar path. She lives i...

  • Navita Gunter

    Episode 7

    A Tennessee native, Navita’s belief in her own strength and her gift for poetry carried this single mother through and out of the horrors of cervical cancer treatment. Navita now dedicates her time and efforts to changing the story of cervical cancer deaths in the state by educating about and adv...

  • Karen Shayne

    Episode 8

    Karen has been on “both sides of the desk” when it comes to cancer treatment. Not only does she have 20 years of experience as a healthcare administrator, but she beat cancer twice, uterine and ovarian at the age of 20. Researching survivor programs and celebrations for ve years lead her to crea...

  • Angela D. Hunter

    Episode 9

    A lover and follower of Christ, Angela received a BS in Nursing from the University of Alabama. She received a Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Angela is an active member of Doers of the Word Christian ...