My 2nd Act Archive

My 2nd Act Archive

6 Seasons

The archive of the 2015-2016 "My 2nd Act" live performances.

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My 2nd Act Archive
  • Karen Reynolds

    Episode 1

    Atlanta resident Karen Reynolds is a Corporate Trainer, business owner, and patient advocate thanks to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Newnan Georgia. Gaining perspective on life after completing treatment for Stage 2 Breast Cancer, Karen nds excitement and comfort in the peace that p...

  • Navita Gunter

    Episode 2

    A Tennessee native, Navita’s belief in her own strength and her gift for poetry carried this single mother through and out of the horrors of cervical cancer treatment. Navita now dedicates her time and e orts to changing the story of cervical cancer deaths in the state by educating about and advo...

  • Ariana and Naveya Crefeld

    Episode 3

    Two creative and passionate home-schoolers, Ariana and Naveya started AnaVeya Creations in memory of their friend who passed away from childhood cancer in 2010. The sisters custom design headbands and ower clips, as well as make all natural chap stick, donating 20% of their proceeds to families ...

  • Emily Caudill

    Episode 4

    Emily Caudill is a twenty-nine year old musician from Kentucky. In 2011, she sustained a signi cant hearing impairment as a result of chemotherapy. Unwilling to give up on her passion, Emily completed a degree in Music Therapy from the University of Louisville and continues to perform with the fo...

  • Jenifer Niederwerfer

    Episode 5

    Jenifer resides in LaVergne, TN, a suburb southeast of Nashville. She was diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer just after she turned 40. After treatment, she became very involved in the network of survivors here in Nashville. As one of the many things she does to give back, Jenifer leads an annu...

  • Runsi Sen
    Episode 6

    Runsi Sen

    Episode 6

    After losing her mother to ovarian cancer in 2009, Runsi was inspired by her mother’s strength and passion to leave her corporate career and create Ovarcome. Her mission is to make the Houston-based organization the leading global non-pro t helping women overcome ovarian cancer and celebrate life...

  • Rose Ollis

    Episode 7

    An Antioch, TN, resident, Rose rst battled cancer in 2004, soon after graduating from MTSU, where she had returned to complete her bachelor’s degree. In 2012 she was again challenged by cancer, this time in her bones. Her 2nd Act honors the quiet academic she is: homeschooling two grandchildren,...

  • Tami Boehmer

    Episode 8

    After being diagnosed with a metastatic breast cancer recurrence at age 45, Tami Boehmer began interviewing survivors nationwide who survived and thrived years beyond what statistics predicted. She compiled them into her award-winning book, From Incurable to Incredible: “Cancer Survivors Who Beat...

  • Ruth Bachman

    Episode 9

    Thriver, mountain climber, inspiring presenter and author of the award winning book, Growing Through the Narrow Spots. Ruth Bachman contributes her time, her resources and her talents on behalf of cancer research, education and advocacy, bringing to diverse audiences, the timeless and constant me...

  • Shirin Behzadi

    Episode 10

    Shirin Behzadi, a resident of Southern California, is a brain tumor survivor, a Chief Financial O cer, an entrepreneur and a mother of two. Although she continues to be a business woman, Shirin also works on building the message of thriving through life after and because of devastating events.